Airfield cards is now available as an iPhone app.

All feedback and "suggestions for improvements" will be taken on board.

See the app in the AppStore 

The application is designed to be used off line. However to populate the "in app" database, you must be connected to the internet when you first use it.

The app will then collect our database and store it securely within the app.

Once you have agreed to the disclaimer you will be presented with the first screen which gives you the choice to choose your airfield by name or by area.

If you are connected to the internet then it will automatically update to the latest version of our online database. Which means, you could add an airfield to the site today and be flying to that airfield with that information in your phone tomorrow.





Screen Shot of the app
Screen Shot 2

If you choose name you will be presented with the following screen.

You can scroll down the list with a swip or you can touch the letters on the right to get further down the list.

All of the airfields listed are exactly as they appear on our website.

Touching one of the airfields will present you with the next page.








You then choose your airfield and are presented with all the information that is on the website.












Screen Shot 4
map button image

You can scroll down the informationn with your finger or thumb to get all the info that is in our database.

At the very bottom of each card there is a "show map" button. Pressing that will bring up a google map with a pin in the airfield.

Please note that in order to view the maps you "MUST" be online.









This is what you see in the map of the airfield in question. This may sound quite simple but there was a lot of head scratching went on when trying to program this.

This is because all of the airfields in our database have been saved with "Degree / Minutes / Seconds" information and the google maps use the metric format.

Suffice to say, quite a few airfields were in the north sea. Not ideal ;-)







map picture

county image

Chosing sorted by area you are presented with the following screen, which further drills down to airfields in an area.

Scotland / Wales / Ireland have all been lumped together becasuse there are not that many airfields to choose from. England has been split up into counties. Yorkshire is the whole of it lumped together.

The reasoning behind this is that I didn't want to put a full county list together if there were no airfields to display in some of the counties. Therefore only areas with actual airfields in the Database are displayed.