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Unknown Info

If there is something you don't know, please type "unknown" into the box rather than just leaving it blank.

Drop Down Options

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      Example Input
  Your Name Vince Gledhill
  E-Mail Address For information clarification if necessary.
  Airfield Name The name of the airfield
  ICAO Identifier EGYD or Leave Blank
  County if England if not Scotland / Wales etc Yorkshire / Wales
  Height Above MSL 65 Ft
  Alternative Airfield A nearby alternative with similar characteristics.
  PPR? Yes
  General Location 3 Nm North Luton
  Runway Numbers

This format please

  Circuit Direction


  Circuit Height

1000 Ft QFE, 800 Ft QNH,

  Overhead Join Height

2000 Ft QFE etc. Or None

  Runway Length

24-06 500m
03-21 650m
04-22 250m

  Runway Surface  
  Radio Frequency 135.475
  Radio Callsign Rufforth Traffic
  Radio Type  
  Other Radio E.G. if close to MATZ etc
  Landing Fee £ or Nil
  Operating Hours  
  Remarks: As much info as possible.
  Warnings: As much info as possible.
  Web Links Link to the airfield and any schools websites
  Operator Details A name as a minimum please.
  PPR Number Mobile Number Preferred.

Not Absolutely Necessary

But would be a great help.

If you're not one of us geeks when it comes to computers. We could really do with knowing exactly where the airfield is, for our google image. The easiest method is as follows.

Copy the google info.

Visit google maps and whilst in the "satellite" mode, zoom to your airfield. Once you have it visibly in front of you. Simply go to the address bar of the browser. "Right Click" on the address bar and select "copy". This will copy the information into your computer.

Paste it into the form.

Once copied as above, come back to this form, and in the box below, right click again, and select "paste" to place all of that "google gobbledygook" which "is" meaningful for us geeks to precisely locate your airfield.
  Google Airfield Address
Or Lat-Long in any format.
N51 11.67 W001 14.17
51°11'40.2"N 1°14'10.2"W
51.194500, -1.236167

Add Your Airifled

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You will need access to a number of tools in order to submit your airfield details correctly. We feel that a mobile device is not a suitable platform for doing so.

Please re-visit the site when you are more suitably equiped to add your airfield correctly.

Kind Regards,
Vince Gledhill,